Electrical Services - Professionally Customized and Installed

licensed electricians

Licensed Electricians

As licensed electricians, we can include lighting fixtures and switches during your home installation

Commercial & Residential

Commercial and Residential

As a leading digital agency we are able to offer a fully integrated service including Low Voltage Wiring, High Voltage Wiring, Distributed Audio/Video, Lighting and Trussing, Projectors, Server Rooms, and much more

Low voltage

Low Voltage Wirings

We pre-wire or retrofit low voltage wiring for all of your needs including: Network Wiring, Audio and Video Distribution, Alarm Wiring, Security Cameras and Cable

Full Licensed and Insured

Fully licensed and Insured, we offer 24-hour emergency service. Our technicians are highly trained in order to provide our clients with exceptional service. We work all residential and commercial properties to serve all your needs.

home automation lighting installation

Professionally Customized and Installed Electrical Services

Do you need reliable electrical services to address your wiring and installation requirements? Look no further! Our certified electricians are committed to delivering exceptional electrical services, ensuring the safety and security of both your residential and commercial properties.

Licensed Electricians for a Secure Installation

Our licensed electricians are devoted to excellence, covering everything from lighting fixtures and switches during home installations to comprehensive low-voltage and high-voltage wiring. Whether you require distributed audio/video solutions, lighting and trussing, projectors, or server room setup, we are your go-to electric company.

Comprehensive Commercial & Residential Solutions

As a leading digital agency, we offer fully integrated services, including:

  • Network Wiring
  • High Voltage Wiring
  • Distributed Audio/Video
  • Lighting and Trussing
  • Projectors
  • Server Rooms and more

Low Voltage Wiring for All Your Needs

Our expertise extends to pre-wiring, rewiring, or retrofitting low-voltage wiring for various purposes, including audio and video distribution, alarm wiring, network wiring, security cameras, and cable installations.

Why Choose YSC Electrical Services

1. Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Your Security Connection (YSC) excels in incorporating the latest advancements in electrical solutions, ensuring your residential and commercial spaces benefit from cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency and functionality.

2. Advanced Security Solutions: Beyond electrical services, Your Security Connection (YSC) prioritizes the safety and protection of your premises by offering advanced security solutions. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional electrical providers to provide a secure environment.

3. Immersive Home Entertainment: YSC is not limited to standard wiring and installations; we specialize in professional audiovisual services. Experience an immersive home entertainment journey that sets us apart, offering a unique blend of technology and entertainment beyond the conventional electrical service providers.

1. YSC ensures peace of mind with fully licensed and insured services, offering 24-hour emergency support for residential and commercial properties.

2. Safeguard your property with Your Security Connection (YSC) professional electrical services, specializing in trustworthy design, installation, and maintenance to prevent potential fire hazards.

3. Address concerns and warning signs promptly with YSC, proactively repairing electrical issues to ensure the safety of your family and property.

4. Experience swift and reliable service from YSC, valuing punctuality and efficiency in completing projects for follow-up appointments and ongoing maintenance.

5. Benefit from over 25 years of expertise with your Security Connection (YSC), a fully licensed and insured electrician specializing in personalized pre-wiring and retrofitting for a cleaner construction site.

6. Trust the professionals at YSC for safety, as hiring a licensed electric company ensures a cost-effective and stress-free experience with specialized tools and equipment.

7. Explore YSC’s comprehensive electrical services, including network wiring, audio and video distribution, alarm wiring, security cameras, lighting fixtures, and more.

8. Discover customized lighting solutions from YSC, providing tailored services for residential and commercial spaces for porch, yard, or pool lighting needs.

Client Testimonial:

“Superior work quality for electrical contracting services and low voltage wiring. Nice to be working with an experienced professional team.” – A 5-star Google review by Charles F
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In addition to our, electrical services, we also provide other essential services, including Security, residential and commercial automation, pro audiovisual solutions, and more. Choose Your Security connection (YSC) for a trusted partner in professional electrical solutions!

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