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Today: December 6, 2023 10:52 am

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Complete Smart Home Control
Top to Bottom—Inside and Out

As a Control4 dealer, YSC will always bring you the latest technology for your home and business. The new Neeo Remote is expertly crafted to leverage the power of Control4 Smart Home OS 3.

The Neeo Remote is a smarter remote for the smartest of homes.

Why not automate your home life? YSC is a home automation company that helps turn homes into smart homes. From design to launch, we’ll help you automate your lighting, temperature, media, security, and more to put you in full control of your house. 

Are too many smart devices overwhelming you?

Trying to integrate different smart devices into one system can be challenging. Let our knowledgeable team be the key to all your smart home woes. We have the skills and experience to seamlessly integrate your devices into one control center. That way, you don’t ever have to worry about compatibility issues. 

How do we choose smart devices?

We partner with top manufacturers to give us a leading edge on the most advanced IoT technology out there. Whether you have a new or old home, we’ll equip it with the right smart devices to turn it into a place you love. 

What about your privacy?

We respect your digital privacy and understand how important it is to you. So we’ll show you how to implement appropriate safeguards to make sure your information stays safe. Your data is yours. 

YSC is an authorized Control4 dealer. Come to our authorized showrooms for a full demo. Our cutting edge smart technology and our 25+ years of know-how can give you an automated home experience you won’t want to pass up. 

Our fully integrated home automation systems are easily adapted and upgraded as your needs change. So we can help you expand when the time comes. We can help you automate pools, fire pits, and more—Any smart device can be dialed into your central app for a truly customized and automated living experience, outside or inside.

We’ll show you how to adjust your lighting, shading, and A/C automatically according to conditions you set. Have the blinds close at night or keep the house cool during the day. That way, you save time by not needing to manually close the blinds or adjust the thermostat. 

Home automation also saves money. You’ll lower your utility bills by never leaving a light on. Set your home to run at its peak energy efficiency by putting your heating, cooling, and electricity on cruise control. A fully integrated system may even raise the value of your house. 

Automate your door locks and doorbells to boost your home security. This way, you never have to worry about leaving a door unlocked when you’re away and you can open the door for someone remotely in an emergency.

Take your smart home a step further with custom home “scenes.” For example, design a relaxation mode with soft music, a party mode with upbeat music, or a romantic mode with dim lights. Give each preset different lighting, music, shade, and entertainment settings for a ready-made experience. Then trigger any of these scenes by voice control. 

Command speakers to set a timer or play your favorite song. Command TVs to play your favorite movie. Command anything in the spur of the moment. Home automation simply makes life more safe, efficient, and convenient. 

“They were flexible about changes and were all ways responsive to our needs. They did what they said they were going to do and they did it when they said they were going to do it. That is rare!”

– A 5-star Google review by Shelley S

Unlock your house’s full potential with our home automation service. Control your entire home experience from the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. For a FREE ESTIMATE call us today! 


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