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Television viewing is a prime activity among many home owners. When TV’s are mounted on a wall, other components like a Blu-Ray DVD player, cable or satellite box, Apple TV, have no place to stay. In larger homes, placing these components in each room is unsightly and results in duplication of components and extra energy usage.

YSC designs your home A/V system to hide these components in a hidden space and are able to centrally distribute the audio and video to the various rooms in your home. With our one touch Control4 System, you can have full access to all of your components from any room in the home.

Distributed video is becoming more popular as flat-panel TVs are easily integrated into almost any space. With everything hooked up to one central system installed by YSC, you can centrally manage your content — your favorite video programming has never been more easier to view.

YSC can source the best flat-screen TVs in the world from Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and more.

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